Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monster Lovers now on Google Play!

Hey, beautiful people!
Well as the title says I have entered Monster Hunt to Google Play and it is doing very well. It is free, as a PDF download, or 99 cents for your tablet or phone. So are you caught up with Sebastian's adventures in nudist land? Yes, he's been mostly naked throughout the two last books and I promise he'll find some clothes on the next one. It is getting pretty dark, his parents are dead, his best friend is dead, and now it seems they are getting ambushed by a familiar vampyre from the first short story. So anywho, it is almost at its end, the climax is near and the retribution will shock you! Lots of love to my Lovers, xo EV

Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey, beautiful people!
Just letting you gay werewolf and vampire fans out there now that Monster Lovers # 5 is out and available for Kindle and Nook. Need a link go to www.monsterlovers.com and click cover. Again there are two freebies out there, short stories that are available for most devices, titles are as follows: A Monster That Couldn't Love and Monster Hunt: The Search for a Serial Killer, they are both free even if you buy it Amazon and others will refund you as long as you let them know they are free elsewhere. Also join the fan club ( at the site under BIO) and I will send you an exclusive free short story (sent as an email RTF document). So get caught up and hope to get all your fan club emails (Just be nice lol)... Xo Kisses to all my Lovers out there...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#5 on its way!

Hey, beautiful people! I'm glad to announce that Monster Lovers #5 is on the last phases of editing. After a few tweaks it should be ready in a few weeks, way before the summer date I had planned...oh and a heads up there's a new short story that will be exclusive to my fan list so if you haven't signed up go to MonsterLovers.com and go to Bio and there's a link there (letter icon). So let's see, what else have I been up to... Oh, yes, I've been making storyboards, just in case I decide to make a graphic novel someday....cross your fingers and have also been writing a script (long shot I know), it is episodic, so it can be made into a series, but can also me meshed together into a movie. Fiddled around a bit on my computer and made this:
One can dream... That's it for now, goodnight lovers EV

Friday, May 30, 2014

New cover for #4!

Hey, beautiful people! This is the new cover image for Monster Lovers #4. It will be out in a couple of days for all devices and those following Sebastian's story will know that last time we saw him he was falling into an underground cave, full of bats...then a vampire comes to the picture, an old fling from the past. Any guesses? Yes, the same vampire that saved Giovanni in part two is revealed to be...well, you must read it, but to give you a hint Sebastian will rekindle an old flame that will uncover secrets he should have left buried... P.S. check out www.MonsterLovers.com for updates on the gay werewolf/vampire series! Take care, lovers xo