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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monster Lovers novel - X-mas Pre-order!

Hey, beautiful people! The Monster Lovers series is almost at an end and I have your first look at the cover:
You can pre-order the e-book novel here(Release date: Dec.25th): The novel will contain all seven Monster Lovers short stories, two background side stories and the exclusive short story that was available to the ML fan club members! All ten stories will be unedited, which means more gore and hotter sex scenes. Novel will be around 100k words (approximately 400 pages) If you have recently visited the official series website you know that the series' indie movie is in pre-production, which means we are currently writing a screenplay and storyboarding scenes. Next step, (months from now) will be finding a director and a cast. I will keep you ML fans informed! At the end we don't know whether the indie movie will be available exclusively for viewing on youtube as a web series (if you've read the steamy, in-the-buff stories that may not be possible) or we might just sell the DVD online(or give them away as gifts for our ML fan members *wink*). Stay tuned for more monstrous updates! Take care, EV

Thursday, October 9, 2014

#6 Cover Revealed!

Hey, beautiful people! The new cover for the upcoming fall release from the next adventure of gay werewolf boy Sebastian Mann! Does it reveal much? Hmmmm. Red=blood=death perhaps. Anywho so there it is #6 should be available at your favorite online ebook retailer before the end of the month...
Also don't forget to sign up for the exclusive short story which will answer the question we've been dying to know since #2- ?What exactly happened at the cave? Join the fan list for free @ and click about the author, and on right side of page click the envelope! If you have any questions about the series or any of my upcoming projects you can now ask me @ Good Reading 2 all!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Last two to go!

Hey, beautiful people! Monster Lovers will see it's final short story later this year. The next one is almost here! I want you the fans to decide on the title of this next one! #1- We are all Monsters #2 After the Venom Flows Which do you like best? Tweet me or let me know by leaving a comment on Facebook. Anywho....big things are about to go down. First, if you haven't signed up to the Fan Club, do it now! It's FREE! An exclusive short story will soon be emailed next week to all who have signed up. It will be in PDF format, to browse on your computer or tablets (Adobe needs to be installed on your device for it to work, its a free download @ Monster Lovers #6 will be out a week after that (fingers crossed!). There will be steamy kisses and love scenes (not too xxx, but hot nonetheless) and of course alot of death scenes since we are nearing the end! Kisses 2 all! ooooooooooooooooo -EV

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monster Lovers T-shirts, and updates

Hey, beautiful people! If you're a writer you've heard of an outline, we use them to know where our story is headed. But strange thing is sometimes a story takes on a different path and it is unbelievable the things that pop into your head. And this is good, a story otherwise would've ended up stale or have a cliche ending, so follow your thoughts and see where they might lead you to. Well Monster Lovers fans, all I can say is that there will be more death scenes coming up, maybe to the point of you saying what the hell, how's this gonna end? Well, there are twists and turns and people who you thought might have died are still alive...I'll stop there, but there are surprises in store for you. #6 will be out in the Fall, followed by #7, the final chapters, a month or two later, around Winter. And of course, there are awesome new T-shirts out, so if you want to check them out go to my site here ---> and also check out the Monster Lovers characters page which are updated with each new story. And before I forget a new short story is now available,"Once Upon A Monster" but it's exclusive to fan club members, membership is free and details are on the Bio page. Good Reading!